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I find myself frequently stopping in at Hobby Lobby and buying the same great items! These are the items I stop in for over and over and over! And I thought it might help you in case you don’t know about some of these awesome finds! And if you have some staples that you always ... Read More about Best things to Buy at Hobby Lobby


  1. Posted by yayamonster1234, — Reply

    I LOVE Hobby Lobby. I have several.of these baskets. Went and bought a couple more to decorate for neighbors who admired mine. I can spend hours in the store! Love how they stand for their beliefs.

  2. Posted by Bicpoo, — Reply

    I love Hobby Lobby. They have wonderful relaxing music in their stores. I love the selections and products they have. The fact that they make a stand for what they believe makes it even better!

  3. Posted by lesliewhinery, — Reply

    Hobby Lobby’s health insurance does not cover birth control for it’s female employees. The owners think birth control is evil. Ladies, stand together and stop shopping at Hobby Lobby! Why should we support an organization that doesn’t support us?

  4. Posted by livcarrilli, — Reply

    Love, love, love, this company they’re doing everything right. Love the awesome relaxing, music. Thank you Hobby Lobby you are loved. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Posted by lifehackshq, — Reply

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  6. Posted by livingangels, — Reply

    Either shop there or don't. Really doesn't matter to me if you want to pay twice as much at Michael's 🤷

  7. Posted by kethrae, — Reply

    Wonderful Christian business!

  8. Posted by Hotdish4u, — Reply

    Hobby Lobby is great and I too stand by them!

  9. Posted by dlong14, — Reply

    Best thing to buy at Hobby Lobby? NOTHING! They are homophobes!

  10. Posted by llellison729, — Reply

    My favorite home decorating store. ❤

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